If You Were Here Today

If you were here today,

I would tell you about your

three grandsons (who remind

me of you in different ways).


If you were here today,

I would show you how I can

cook more than tv dinners, now.


If you were here today,

I would match wits with you

and you’d see that I am

just like you.


If you were here today,

I would run to you for advice

only now I would hold onto each

word spoken.


If you were here today,

I would know you were proud of me,

because I have finally listened to

all the things you taught me.


If you were here today,

I would still try to walk with your

crutches just like I used to – only

now …I would be tall enough.


If you were here today,

I would hold you tight and not

let go and I would shower your

face with kisses.


If you were here today,

I would get to hear you

call me “Termite” again.


If you were here today,

I would tell you Happy Birthday

and that I miss you so much.

I love you, Daddy.



Your Termite



Written Mar 5, 2014

His Love

He is steady and sure even when he thinks he isn’t,

He is kind in what he says and does,

He tells me often what I mean to him,

He loves me just because.


He is my guide when I am not sure-footed,

He calms my every fear,

He lets me have my own space,

But he lets me know he is near.


He makes me laugh and he is always positive,

He knows my very wit,

He never lets me get away with anything,

And he never quits.


He meets my every need,

And he quenches my every desire,

He wraps me in his love,

And sets my heart on fire.


He cares when I am down,

And he isn’t patronizing,

He listens and he prays,

And he knows how to comfort me.


He is my best friend, my joy and my love,

My life will never be the same,

All of this love is second to God’s

I have never felt this from another man.


For one soul to love me so,

Is a gift from on high,

I will return that love for all of my days,

And this man I will never deny.


Written Mar 22, 2014


Before I Knew You Were Mine

Before I knew you were mine I prayed for you,

I said a prayer for the one God would choose for me.

I cared for you and continued to pray for your safety, your health and for you to come to know the Lord.

I prayed for strength for your heart and for your soul.

I trusted you to God, knowing He loved you more than I could.

And I prayed that you felt His love.


Sometimes when I was disheartened and would forget that you existed,

I went about my way and made my mistakes, but I always came back to you.

I knew God would bring you to me and I continued to pray for you.

I wonder when you accepted Christ and made Him your savior, if it was a day in which I prayed.

I wonder for the times when you were hurting, if God brushed my love for you across your forehead and gave you peace to sleep through the night.

I wonder if you knew I was out there somewhere searching for you.


For all the years I prayed and felt we hadn’t yet met, little did I know that I knew you from the start.

My eyes remember the beautiful baby I saw and wanted to hold. God knew even then.

The sketchy memories of our childhood days are like distant stars we can barely see.

But somehow our souls were still connected and finding their way back to each other.

I cannot describe this love that is deeper than any love I have ever known,

But I knew I loved you …before I knew you were mine.


Written Mar 1,2014



From the Moment I Wake to the Moment I Rest My Head, I Love You

My love magnifies with every waking thought of you. As the gradient light of day kisses my lashes I am thankful for your love. I pray for your safety throughout the day and I pray for your hopes and dreams to beckon you. A smile trickles upward as I fondly remember last being in your arms.

Do you know my love for you, my Darling? Have you witnessed its truth? Have you weighed the difference of my love with others bygone?

You tell me that I have a way with words, yet… my words have little power and I have no need to persuade you with them …for my heart speaks louder. I am a slave to time as it holds our future. Our happiness is dependent on its foundation as time is busy building our dreams. I will wait. I embrace these moments of early amour budding and blossoming and knowing that the pruning and nurturing of our love is not in vain.

My existence is more vibrant as I anticipate each day I get to spend with you and taking none for granted. My Love, you will never hunger for veneration. You will never thirst for affection. You will have my love in the very being of your soul because our souls are entwined.

When we are apart you will still feel my heart beating in unison with yours. When our days are long or toilsome we will be upheld by the deep roots of our love and adorned with its life-giving vines.

Time keeps us apart and time brings us together. Each moment is precious with every beat of our heart which is one. My Love, I would that you know the depths of my love for you, but words cannot speak it. Time will reveal my love each and every day until you are wrapped in its promise.

Words are deciphered from the mind and the heart. My words come not only from my heart but from the depth of the very beginning of my soul. Our Maker fastened our souls encounter and He has given us the desires of our heart.

Nothing can compare with the love we have now and for what is to come. By the time I rest my head at night, my joy is overflowing. My eyes close but I still see your face and feel your touch. The power of a love so true is ever present. My Love, you have God’s promises and mine. May your heart feel protected and kept forever.

Written December 8, 2013