His Love

He is steady and sure even when he thinks he isn’t,

He is kind in what he says and does,

He tells me often what I mean to him,

He loves me just because.


He is my guide when I am not sure-footed,

He calms my every fear,

He lets me have my own space,

But he lets me know he is near.


He makes me laugh and he is always positive,

He knows my very wit,

He never lets me get away with anything,

And he never quits.


He meets my every need,

And he quenches my every desire,

He wraps me in his love,

And sets my heart on fire.


He cares when I am down,

And he isn’t patronizing,

He listens and he prays,

And he knows how to comfort me.


He is my best friend, my joy and my love,

My life will never be the same,

All of this love is second to God’s

I have never felt this from another man.


For one soul to love me so,

Is a gift from on high,

I will return that love for all of my days,

And this man I will never deny.


Written Mar 22, 2014


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