Before I Knew You Were Mine

Before I knew you were mine I prayed for you,

I said a prayer for the one God would choose for me.

I cared for you and continued to pray for your safety, your health and for you to come to know the Lord.

I prayed for strength for your heart and for your soul.

I trusted you to God, knowing He loved you more than I could.

And I prayed that you felt His love.


Sometimes when I was disheartened and would forget that you existed,

I went about my way and made my mistakes, but I always came back to you.

I knew God would bring you to me and I continued to pray for you.

I wonder when you accepted Christ and made Him your savior, if it was a day in which I prayed.

I wonder for the times when you were hurting, if God brushed my love for you across your forehead and gave you peace to sleep through the night.

I wonder if you knew I was out there somewhere searching for you.


For all the years I prayed and felt we hadn’t yet met, little did I know that I knew you from the start.

My eyes remember the beautiful baby I saw and wanted to hold. God knew even then.

The sketchy memories of our childhood days are like distant stars we can barely see.

But somehow our souls were still connected and finding their way back to each other.

I cannot describe this love that is deeper than any love I have ever known,

But I knew I loved you …before I knew you were mine.


Written Mar 1,2014



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