Happily Ever After

When God begins working something in your life that changes your course it sometimes can happen so fast it makes your head spin. That is how it was for me at the start of 2015.

When a horse ranch just a mile from our farm went up for sale, my husband and I enquired about the asking price and that is when God brought a gust of changes all at once. At first, I thought it was time for me to put down my pen (…or keyboard) altogether, but writing will always be a part of me. I won’t have the time to sit at my computer and pour my heart and soul into a story for Chttanoogan.com each week, but I will occasionally ‘blog’ on my website jenjeffrey.com.

The changes are good because I do live in KY now and I am embarking on new adventures and a new business that keeps me busy with another passion of mine – horses. We will close on the ranch next month and I will run a horse boarding business starting off with four thoroughbred mares. Three girls who own horses attend MSU’s equine program and they take Eventing and Dressage classes out at the ranch from the trainer who is selling the property to us.

There is also a house on the property and three female MSU students currently rent it and also help work the ranch. When we take over in a few weeks, we will keep four boarders at the stables and the renters will continue living in the house. My twins have talked about possibly moving to Kentucky down the road and they would then rent the house and help with the ranch.

When God brings showers of blessings we want to honor Him with them and give back to Him serving. I had talked to Jason about using the ranch (after we acquired horses of our own) for equine therapy. My first thought was how much Smokey had helped me heal after going through so much and I wanted to reach out to other women who could benefit and become empowered by learning leadership skills, confidence and just being in the presence of horses. What also came to mind was people of special needs. There are many benefits in the health and spirit of those with special needs who are around horses.

After throwing out a few names for the ranch to Jason and telling him my thoughts for the future, one Sunday at church while we were singing about God’s grace, he leaned over and whispered to me, “I have the name… Grace Reins.” I knew immediately that God placed that name on Jason’s heart. It was perfect and we will own “Grace Reins Ranch” in a few short weeks. If you have Facebook you can keep up with posts and videos of what takes place on the ranch.

As all of this has been unfolding, I have been going to the ranch and seeing how it has been operated so that I can continue to run it in the same way and it is wonderful being around horses again!

In fact, Jason and I are getting a couple of horses of our own in a few weeks. We went to Dover Tennessee to look at Tennessee Walkers and we fell in love with a colt and filly we will bring to ranch after they are ready to leave.


I want to thank my editor John Wilson for allowing me to share many stories with readers of Chattanoogan.com and for taking me under his wing and being my mentor. I want to thank the people who took time to let me interview them for the Growing Local series and the People Profile articles. I also thank co-writers and editors for their friendship and all their help and I especially want to thank you who have followed my stories and found them interesting and many of you who would write to me.

As I begin my new journey and to have closure with what I have enjoyed the past four years, the best way to end this is how all great stories end… “…and she lived happily ever after.”

The End