Get Along Little Doggies!

Today was such a beautiful sun-shiny day that when I walked the Greys I wanted to let them be out a little longer and to do something a little different. And… I wanted to see just how they would react being around horses. I remembered how Spec whined on a hike when we met up with cows grazing in a pasture. There was no telling how he would react being up close to a horse.

When we came back to the garage I left their leashes on and went in the house for my keys. As I came back out they heard my keys and when I grabbed their leashes again they got excited! “Where are we going mommy?”

I wanted Spec and Sweetie to get out of their spoiled and routine environment and we piled in my Jeep and headed to the ranch. Some of the girls who board their horses at the ranch were there and so were their pooches. The first test was to see if prima donna Spec would be okay around other dogs without a fight ensuing.

Two black dogs came up to us – one was very friendly and I knew she would not be a problem, but the shorter male dog seemed to be sizing us up suspiciously. Spec let out a little whine as if to say, “Mom, I know I am the alpha and but I really don’t want to have to fight…” I held my breath as the four canines smelled each other. After they got acquainted I petted the other dogs and we headed towards the barn where the “big dogs” (horses) were. I held their leashes tight because I KNEW they would not get along with the barn cats.

Spec had to whiz on a couple of the planters that lined the driveway and then he saw a horse standing with her owner at the front of the stables. The horse bent his head down and smelled my two pals. Sweetie decided she liked what she smelled (I like the smell too) and she even kissed the horse on his muzzle.

Spec was a natural around the horses. He didn’t whine or act afraid at all. It was the other male dog that Spec was more worried about as he was still quite curious around us and kept Spec on guard.

We walked passed the horse and went through the barn where Sweetie and Spec’s hound instincts went crazy as they sniffed all the wonderful barn smells! “So this is where mommy has been going everyday!” I knew they would like it. We came through the other side of the stables and headed out toward the lesson ring and first pasture.

Spec spied the first large mound of poo on the grass and he did his little kicking thing where he tried to cover it with grass. I laughed out loud, “Spec, you didn’t do that – quit trying to claim it.”

Then he and Sweetie both saw several more piles! This was very different from the occasional deer poo or coyote poo they have to treasure hunt for. Why this was a landmine of very large poo piles! How would they be able to ‘mark’ each and every one of them?

By golly, they sure tried! Spec and Sweetie saw how much work had to be done so they reserved their void and only squirted a few drops as we walked passed all the piles. After the first ten piles, I think they got tired and realized it was a lost cause and marking horse poo was just not their job and it was okay for them to be left unmarked.

As the two black dogs romped and played together we newcomers watched the horse and rider in the ring as trainer Candy McCoy (the current ranch owner) called out specific instructions. What beauty! I could be out there all day.

The little black male dog still came around to sniff Spec and Sweetie again, but all the pooches seemed to be fine with each other.

I want to take riding lessons from Candy myself, but will wait until after we buy the ranch and all the paperwork goes through. There is quite a bit of information to take in about running the ranch and the boarding business. I have been studying resource material when I am at home at our farm, but I really love the ‘hands on’ learning when I go to the ranch.

It is hard to believe that in just a few short weeks we will have “Grace Reins” up and running with an LLC. My own business! And … with HORSES!

I have read in scripture where God wants to give us our heart’s desire, but that was something I had not believed for many years. Then when I finally came to that place in my life where I knew I was where God wanted me to be and when I ‘understood what He was teaching me’ all these years, I believed He would give me my heart’s desire in a mate… but NEVER did I think my perfect-for-me soulmate and I would ever live out our dreams together and so quickly (and to have them fall in place so easily).

Jason and I know that God has plans for us with all that he gives, and we feel honored to be a part of His plan. When we don’t tap into the riches God is ready to give us and we forfeit our blessings because we just don’t believe God cares about our inner most dreams – we really don’t have any idea just how much God is willing to do in our lives. I was just happy to find my ‘happily-ever-after husband, but while living obediently, God has showered us with such love and Grace it is sometimes overwhelming.

Spec and Sweetie took to the ranch nicely and had big smiles on their faces. Yes, yes, I know… Greyhounds always seem to have a smile on their face, but I could tell with their breathing, their relaxed eyes and happy wagging tails that they loved the ranch as much as I do. It blessed my heart to see that the horses and other pooches at the ranch …get along with our little doggies.